Should You Purchase Dutch Lap Siding?

Dutch lap siding is becoming an increasingly popular option for homes these days, but is it is good investment? If you notice that your neighbors and other homeowners seem to be choosing this for their homes, but are not quite sure if it would be a good choice for you, be sure to read this article.

The two major options you have to choose from include Dutch lap siding and straight panel siding. The main difference between the two products is that the former features a beveled edge which creates the look of shadows. This is accomplished by having the board lay flat on the vertical. Regular siding on the other hand features flat boards that overlap one another at an angle. There is also another popular type on the market known as beaded lap which features a rounded, or beaded, edging at the bottom of each board. Each board overlaps the other on a slight angle.

Choosing the type of siding that will be best for your home is difficult, so you should simplify things by addressing each factor individually. Naturally you will want to the product you eventually choose to be durable so that you will get a lot of use out of your investment. Both these products are quite strong and durable, but Dutch lap siding is more rigid however so it is easier to install. However, when it comes to enduring harsh weather and other circumstances that could cause damages, the two products are nearly equal.

There are many different types of Dutch lap siding currently on the market, so even if you settle on this method you will still have other decisions to make. One of the best options you have at your disposal is cedar shake siding as it takes on the appearance of genuine cedar. This product is fairly easy to install and it is easy to achieve a very professional look. If you have always wanted a home that had the appearance of authentic hardwood siding but never wanted to put up with the added maintenance then this is the perfect solution for you.

Another product that you may want to consider is insulated siding which is an excellent choice for individuals who would like to make their home more energy efficient. This is a product that looks just like regular vinyl exterior siding, but because it is insulated it can help keep the warmth and coolness in your home. With home heating and energy costs now higher than ever before this can be a cost effective choice.

The average cost of Dutch lap siding will differ depending on many different factors such as the company you buy from and the color and texture you choose. Although you can expect to pay more for a higher quality product, you will find it pays for itself in the long run.